Dereb The Ambassador ‘Ethiopia’ Album Launch Sydney

Dereb Desalegn is well known on the streets of Addis Ababa as one of Ethiopia’s most respected singers with chart topping singles from an early age. Since moving to Australia he has taken the music world by storm with the self-titled project, ‘Dereb the Ambassador’ who deliver distinctive, vintage inspired ‘Ethio Soul’. If you haven’t heard them yet think afro-beat, think 60s-70s funk, think Ethiopian jazz, all wrapped in raw power!

‘Dereb the Ambassador’ released their self titled album in 2011 to a wave of critical acclaim both locally and internationally. Following on from this, Eshururu (Witness), released in 2016 on Paris DJs ‘Electric Afroland’ compilation, and their EP ‘Volume II’ continued their reign as one of the most powerful new acts on the scene. The new album “Ethiopia” delivers more of the hard-hitting Ethiopian soul the band are renowned for, this time with more energy and intricacy. ’Ethiopia’ will leave you no choice but to get up off your seat.