Amaru Tribe



    Amaru Tribe




Skin and wood holds together this tribe of six. Emerging from their trans-oceanic journeys they gather by the laws of creative gravity in the city of Melbourne to resonate into a new sound vision.

In Quechua, “Amaru” is the serpent which connects the spiritual and the subterranean world. The tribes deep connection with their roots and mythology is nurtured through in their songlines. Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos and powerful vocal harmonies align to the Australian land creating a musical portal that connects the entire south hemisphere and gives birth to an unknown genre which they call Oceanic Cumbia.


Band Members:

Oscar Jimenez – Vocal/Guitar
Jose Nieto – Vocal/Percussion
Katherine Gailer – Vocals/
Emiliano Beltzer – Bass
Abraham Dunovits – Uke/Elect Guit/Bvs
Christian Saavedra – Timbales and Percussion/Bvs