Besh O Drom





    Besh o droM was formed in Budapest 1999. The name in the lovari (gipsy) dialect literally means “ride the road”, but it’s real meaning is “go find your own way” . Besh o droM draws it’s musical basis form Transylvanian, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy, Jewish, Afghan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, and Greek tunes presenting folk and electronic instruments simultaneously.  Their goal is to bring East-European and Balkan music to the world’s dance floor and to create a virtual-folklore of the region, with no political or cultural borders. They make music to dance to and to enjoy, taking melodies, songs, rhythms from the traditional music of our homeland and the neighbouring countries, mixing them with numerous other musical elements.  The drum set, the electric and the bass guitar carry the sound of rock and punk music. The cimbalom, Hungarian kaval, accordion and clarinet give East-European flavours, while the derbouka and the saxophones add real Balkans traditions to our repertoire.