Cafer Nazlıbaş





    In the recent decades,Turkey has been the home of some incredible musicians who took some traditional instruments to another level by bringing new sounds and styles and exploring the traditional music with new approaches. One of these virtuosos is indisputably Cafer Nazlıbaş. He took on a primitive Turkish traditional bow instrument called Kabak Kemane and gave a new life and sound to this rarely played instrument. He introduced or reintroduced this instrument to millions people through different outlets. 

    He started working as a professional musician during his conservatory studies as a kemane player in Anatolian Symphony Orchestra  which was established by the Turkish Ministry of Culture as well as performing regularly on national television and radio programs. He performed with many of the Turkish traditional music stars; Musa Eroğlu, Nuray Hafiftaş, Gülay, Yavuz Bingöl, Hüseyin Turan, Orhan Hakalmaz, İsmail Altunsaray to name a few. After his studies he started  performing and recording with internationally renowned artists; Mercan Dede, Sabahat Akkiraz, Musa Eroglu, Azam Ali, Goksel Baktagir and Justin Adams.

    He toured Canada, Australia, India, Brasil, Jordan, Lebanon and almost all of Europe with Mercan Dede and performed in some international projects and took Kabak Kemane to another level by introducing this instrument to the world in different settings. He still tours regularly with Mercan Dede. He also toured Turkey solo and with his own projects promoting Kabak Kemane to younger audiences by implementing some electronic elements and effects. He recorded his debut album “Feryad-i Kemane”  which featured Turkish music stars such as Husnu Senlendirici, Ismail Tuncbilek and Goksel Baktagir at the end of 2013.