Mesut Alkaş

Mesut Alkas was born in the heart of Anatolia “Çorum” (Hattusash) to a musician family where he was introduced to  “bağlama” (traditional Turkish guitar like instrument) at an early age. Mesut moved to Australia in 2010 where he joined Melbourne’s legendary Turkish gypsy reggae funk mayhem Unified Gecko in 2010. He performed in many important festivals and venues with Unified Gecko and toured Australia. He promoted bağlama to Australian audiences which created extra ordinary interest.

In Australia he assembled and directed Turkish music choirs, composed children’s music for Turkish Ministry of Education and composed music for plays.

He returned to Turkey in 2014 and joined the Star Production family where he co-produced a single with a video clip which is still shown in Turkish television channels. He also performed with the Australian/Turkish BASHKA at Tropfest and ‘2015 Australia in Turkey’ concerts.

Mesut is currently working on his debut album.