The idea of Saska rooted from a home recorded cassette of singer Savas Çagman; which is dated to 1997. In 2000, by the help of Keskiner’s insistant encouragement, the project accelerated to a duo format of Coşkun and software developer Burkay Dönderici; who was a competent on microsound composing disciplines, as sampling daily objects as sound sources; which were all fed into his custom made software “Franky The Random Looper”

    In 2003, Saska released his debut album “Sokkur Saska (Blind Fly)” on Elec-Trip Records, which was produced by Keskiner. The album was full of all original compositions. Saska enjoyed a cult status in Turkish experimental and indie music scene after the release of the album; which featured sixteen tracks mostly sang in Karachay Balkar language, also suggesting a weird and “never happened before” kind of a blend which consists music concreté alike approaches; blended with Brasilian and Caribean beats, raw dub and old skool