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    The musical masters from South India blend their music with Jazz, folk and ethno platforms to give you an uniquesound of rhythmical fusion music. Ganesh Kumar – Kanjira, PercussionsHari Krishnan – Key Boards and VocalVenkat Subramani – ViolinRajaraman – Thavil

    Ganesh Kumar is among the world’s leading exponents of classical percussion instruments from South India, the Kanjira ( South Indian Frame Drum ) a one sided frame drum of stretched monitar lizard skin with brass jingles fitted at the wooden rim. He has established himself as one of the world’s leading kanjira artist and has been mainly instrumental in expanding the scope of the music of the Kanjira beyond purely Carnatic Music – or South Indian Classical Music. Through his works he proved that this instrument is not confined to Indian classical music alone as it perfectly blends with other traditions of world music.